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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 25, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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out of our way. that's our show for today. i'm lou dobbs. donald trump delivered one of his h most significant compelling speeches in his more than one-year-long campaign for the white house. trump focused on the enormous fees that the clintons have received from big business, wall street, and special interests. trump also noted that bill and hillary have received $153 million, giving speeches to ceos, lobbyists, and foreign governments since 2001, and over a period of 40 minutes trump attacked her dangerous polici policieser her bad judgment,
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scandalous history, and record of corruption as he put it. trump even turned her campaign slogan around on her. >> she believes she's entitled to the office. her campaign is "i'm with her." you know what my response is to that? i'm with you, the american people. >> for the first time in his campaign, the mainstream liberal media giving the republican nominee his due. they acknowledged trump's presidential tone today. npr said, quote, trump just gave the speech republicans have been waiting 20 years to hear. cbs news says donald trump assails incompetent hillary clinton and fiery speech and "the hill" says trs trump moves. he gave a scathing report on the
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secretary of state. he accused her of milks millions of dollars on oppressive regimes to benefit the clinton foundation. >> hillary clinton wants to bring in people who believes women should be enslaved and gays put to death. maybe her motivation lies among the more than 1,000 foreign donations hillary failed to disclose while at the state department. hillary clinton may be the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency of the united states. >> to assess mr. trump's speech today and the clinton repost to the two candidates and their -- well, at least at this point, their campaigns we're joined by the chairman of the american kmooun matt schlapp, co-host of "the five," contributor to the hill, juan williams. great to have you both with us.
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let me start with you, matt. it looked to me as though mr. trump has found focus and he also had energy. what did you make of his speech. >> i think it's long overdue. you know, he announced the fact he would give this speech before the terrible tragedy in orlando, and it is exactly what republicans want to hear. lou, the facts are every day that donald trump talks about our economic security, our national security, and the complete failure of the clintons in government and the fact that she's under fbi investigation is the day he's going to be winning on the campaign trail. every day he's not talk about those three things, he's going to be off message and losing. >> do you agree, juan? >> i think he had a good week. this is the week you saw corey lewandowski who's more of the bulldog, the pit bull if you will pushehed out.
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paul manafort more of the washington, d.c., political establishment taking power of the donald trump operation. his daughter had a hand in forcing out lewandowski. today trump was on the teleprompter and he was staying on script. he's more presidential. >> you do acknowledge he's coming across far more presidential, quote/unquote. >> today. >> yeah. >> today. and as matt said, this is the speech republicans want to hear. i don't know if this goes to the point, lou, that he's actually speaking to democrats and libertarians that he needs to flip some of those states. >> i saw a man reaching out with, i would guess, some grtd success of getting attention of those who did support sanders, at least we were told by the polls, at least half of them. >> right. yeah, no. and you've got promising state
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polls that are coming up. i would take issue with what juan said. this is an unconventional presidential campaign to say the least, but i think all of the drama and personalities inside the campaign are not as important as the fact that when donald trump talks about our overall insecurity and the prospects with trying to look for a job out of school, they're terrible, and he really does connect. look, juan. he's connecting to republicans, to conservatives, to unemployed liberals, to moderates, to just plain old americans who look at america, its role in the economy nationally and their kids and grandkids can't get the wages and jobs they need. he's connecting on it big time,nd it could be one of the top two issues in this case. >> i think one of the things that lou touched on earlier is sanders supporters. sanders was on c-span saying he knows he's not the nominee.
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and he also said trump is not going to getmy backers because of his anti-worker bigoted comments. how is he going to talk about the young people struggling for work or economic recovery has been stuck in low gear. >> can i say something, matt, before you respond -- >> sure. >> -- and to juan. anti-worker? this is the first republican presidential nominee in our lifetimes who's mentioned the middle class, who has mentioned the working man and woman in this country and their families and talked about how he is going to reach out to all of them. he's talking about stimulating small business. he's not talking about k street, the chamber of commerce, and the business roundtable. do you disagree with that, matt? >> no, i don't disagree with
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that at all. in fact, think i we have a certain economic arrogance not only the republican party but with a lot of the leaders in both parties where we can shed jobs and we can shed sectors and because america's so big, that we need to have the security relations around the globe, and we're okay with the cheating and the deck being stacked zbejtsz the american worker in sector after sector. i think what donald trump is saying is, hey, look, america can't afford to be arrogant anymore. we can't shed it because we don't have the jobs and economic activity to shed. i think he's putting america on notice. >> this is what hillary clinton said in her speech. she said, this guy is making false promises. >> come on, come on. >> you can't turn back the clock on globalization and trade and not think america is going to become isolated. >> no, no, juan. this is false. the fact is this. hillary clinton is more of the same. what donald trump is saying is there's going to be a whole new
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way of approaching these things. it means if we have these markets, they will be more free when his deals are done. if you look at many of these deals -- >> tell me how, matt, because there is no substance. >> that's wrong. >> when you see the trump economic plan analyzed, people say it's going to drive up the debt and drive up unemployment and fuel jobs for america. >> can i tell you every one of those people saying that, juan, no matter what their degrees are, the initials behind their names, they're working for one multi-national corporation, they're working for a university receiving grants for it, they're in their pockets. it's one of the great problems we have. trump is talking about a rigged election, rigged system. he had to talk about what's good
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for americans. putting americans first. that rhetoric, bernie sanders, if he had come up with a such a title for his rhetoric, he might have been able to win the nomination, i really believe that. >> yeah. i agree. i like what you're saying and i like that trump raises the middle class, but where? where is the actual -- you don't care about the policy, lou. you want another politician just making promises. >> oh, yeah. we haven't gotten used to that. >> i'm saying. why do we want another one? >> quickly, let's go through these policies. >> quickly, if you will, matt. >> the fact that we shed all these coal jobs because of the ridiculous policy and the fact that minimum wage will kill fast food industries where young americans and new americans get
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their first job. it's killing jobs, juan, and we've got to stop it. >> okay. so, matt, he's going to cut taxes. he talks about the middle clachls get who gets the big tax cuts? the very rich. he doesn't talk about how he's going to make that up in terms of something lou cares deeply about. the growing debt in this country. he has not put the g gears in place to back up the rhetoric. >> i think you're quite right. he hasn't put the policies into play, into effect, but that's not what we expect of a candidate. what we expect from a candidate is a vision, and he'sto draw th brighter, clearer terms with every speech he makes. matt and juan, thank you both for being here. by the way, he's a disrupter, juan. he's raising a lot of hell too. thank you, gentlemen. stay with us. a lot more straight ahead. coming up, my interview with
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donald trump where else? trump tower in manhattan. we discuss other things in what he contends is a daily assault be the national libya media. and new polls that show the race with clinton tightening. >> people thought she would have had a much bigger margin. the margin is very tight. in ohio, it's very even. nationwide we're doing well against her. after his latest shakeup, is this the campaign reset he needs this the campaign reset he needs to propel a you pay your car insurance
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switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. i sat down to talk with donald trump this afternoon. we took up a number of issues from radical islamic terrorism and the middle class, a return to prosperity, and just who will be the best candidate to create jobs as president. here's that interview. one year ago you had just set upon what come called a quick soughtic adventure, one serious. you're now the nominee, and you are besieged from every direction. you're in a fight with part of the republican establishment, the democratic establishment,
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the party, and the national liberal media. i've never seen the like of it, and i've been covering presidential politics if nearly 40 years. >> you're right. as we were just saying, ronald reagan went through a lot, but people are saying it wasn't as bad as this. other than that, i'll hear of other analogies. i'd think i have a big victory and the next day it's like it's terrible news. the dishonorty of the media -- not all of it but most of it is beyond belief. i think the amazing thing is you see all the polls coming out and one of the anchors from one of the networks said, whoa. they couldn't believe i was right there. we're tied in ohio and essesentially pennsylvania. very close. >> six to seven points. >> five points. >> frankly it's very early.
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>> so early. >> many are writing this thing is over because we're almost a month from the convention. this is just beginning. >> for me it's just beginning. when i first started with the 17 total people that we had, i started at nothing and rapidly wept up. y that was not very much different except we had a lot of people here. i had 17 -- 16 opponents. i will tell you, i've about never seen more unfair press coverage. teen "new york times" when they did the story on the women and they came out and said donald trump is a great guy and that wasn't what we were saying and that wasn't our thoughts, they were totally discredited. >> they retracted it. >> they saw it and apologized as much as they can. it was ridiculous. it was a front page story. and how nice were those women to come forward and say, that's not what he said.
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they were remarkable people. so, you know, i have great respect for what happened, but it's very unfair from the media's standpoint. >> you've restructured your campaign, a shakeup at the top. is this the reset that you have allowed people to speculate about? is there going to be one, and if so, what direction? >> well, corey did a very good job. he's a great guy, and i'm very proud of him. i watched him the way he's handled it. it's a hard thing for somebody. he handled it so beautifully. we got the largest vote in the history of the republican politics by a lot. almost 14 million votes. and 37 states. had big victories. this is different. this is much nastier. i can't believe it. i thought it would be easier. >> did you think it would be easier?
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>> i thought it without but everyone who knew said it was going to be more vicious because the press is dishonest. >> is the republican establishment dishonest or number of them? >> i'll let you know in a couple of weeks. i'm disappointed in some. i've had so many great calls. darrell issa called. so many are so with me. many, they don't write they're with me. jeff sessions, if you take a look at him, he's a rock. so solid and highly respected. ted cruz. he's a solid rock. there are others. but if there's one a little bit out or in some cases like lindsey graham, i competed against him and obviously i did well against him to put it mildly. boy, he is nasty. people forget. there's like a two-week span. people forget that i was competing against lindsey
10:20 am
graham, but he is nasty. >> you reached out to him, have you not? >> no, he called me. >> okay. >> i respected the call. i thought he was good. he was nice for a week and then went nasty again. >> nature is a funny thing. >> losing is not easy. >> right. >> a lot of people don't know he lost. now he sits there as a senator from south carolina. >> there are 16 people out there you beat. there's one more for you to beat. when you talk about nasty, she has a machine that is nasty, effecti effective, tough and tried. she was beaten by barack obama. how are you going to beat her. >> i think i will. she has had the best week she's ever had and there's verilile difference in the polls. you're seeing that. that's what the shock was today.
10:21 am
whoa, what's going on. they thought the number would be a lot different than it was, but it isn't. we have a group of people, millions and millions of people. you saw what happened in the primaries, so many more voted as they did four years ago. i think we're going to do very well. i think it's going to be a big beautiful surprise, and that probably started today. people thought she would have had a much bigger margin. the margin is very tight. in pennsylvania it's very even. we're doing great in florida. but nationwide we're doing well against her, but i think we're going to do very well. >> some of our reporters? washington covering the campaign took note that this was the first day of paul manafort being in charge. you said there are actually very distinct differences. and amongst those drences are the amount of p.r. releases
10:22 am
and statements coming out of your campaign. is that what you expected? >> first of all, i have to tell you paul and corey god along very well. they're very different people and handled different parts nchl that sense, there was not a problem at all. i think i was responsible for a lot of what took place today. the last time i heard her speerks u. it was read at best. now she's doing another speech and she just did it. i said now when she lies, we have to counteract the lie. the last time she kept lying and telling untruths. she talked about the military and japan and all of the other things and didn't say it the way i said it. it was a total untruth. i said this time as she lies, we're going to counteract it. i hope you noticed. she did break into speech a lot.
10:23 am
>> it's also said one day you'll be following her speech and tomorrow it will be hillary clinton. we're going to come back and get a preview if you may of what you're going to focus on as you address the former secretary. we'll be right back after these messages with donald trump. the heirloom tomato.
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put some smarts in your car. we're back with donald trump, and you'll be addressing tomorrow hillary clinton in a speech. it turns out to be a rebuttal because she went today. what you do you plan to focus o? >> look. she's had a very bad time of it, if you look at her record. her record is a disaster. in terms of taking tens and tens of millions of things from people in lots of different ways and countries that should not be giving her or her husband money. we talk about that and her
10:28 am
record. her record is terrible. she's crooked hillary. let's face it. she's crooked hillary. she always has been and she hasn't changed. last time she spoke, i let her speak. so many of the things she said were outright lies, fabrications. i said, this time we're going to cover it point by point and we're going to do it after the speech. and then sometime later in the week, i head out to europe, to scotland, where i open the great turnberry report and we come back. i love this. we're having a great time campaigning. we want to keep her as honest as possible, which is not easy to do. >> you're focused on hillary clinton. you're the first republican presidential nominee to focus on the middle class, working on the men and women of the middle class. >> that's what i'm doing.
10:29 am
>> the first. and you have a unique appeal to independents as well as to the republicans that you've brought into the primary process. where do you take that message on illegal immigration, working men and women, job creation, and restoring prosperity? >> wages. just wages. lou, you look at one of the most incredible statistics. for the last 18 years, people haven't had a real wage increase. in some cases they're working two jobs and making less money than they used to make. a lot of the part-time jobs with obamacare which is a disaster and we plan to repeal and change. the other day we had a speech in texas. we had a line. i don't know if you good to see it. the longest line going into oracle arena or a convention center. i have never seen anything like
10:30 am
it. we had 5,000 seats but tens of thousands not able to get in. it was covered very strongly with helicopters. there's something we've hit. we hit a cord. people are tired of incompetence, of being ripped off. in some cases it's not incompetence. politicians want to have their friends run businesses and corporations. it's a stupid deal to do. we have the greatest country and we're losing our jobs, our money, everything, and our country is not going to be able to continue to do this. we have trade deficits at hundreds of billions of dollars a year, so we're going to change that quickly. >> and in supporting the middle class, men and women, jobs and wages, you're taking on the business establishment. >> that's true. >> you're taking on corporate america. >> yes. >> you're taking on two business
10:31 am
practices in particular. the yaufr shoring of production to other cheap labor markets and economies, the exporting of jobs, outsourcing jobs. >> when you talk about taking on business, i'm here to help business. we've given the largest tax reduction to anybody. by far. hillary has to raise taxes to 55% or 60%. there's no way she can do anything less than that. we're going to give a massive tax decrease for people and to business. i'm actually being good for business. as far as trade, we're not going to have carrier close down in indiana and move all of their people to mexico and sell back to the country.
10:32 am
it's not going to happen. it's so easy to stop. when they sell an air conditioning unit into our country, we're going to charge a tax that ee going to make up the difference and more than that. there's going to be consequences for companies that close down and go to mexico and other places and they they're going to sell here because of free trade. lou, it's not free trade. i'm a free trader. for free trade, you need smart people. we don't have smart people doing our deals for us. we're going to get -- one of the anchors a good guy asked me the other day, what do you want. i want good deals for the people of the united states. that's all. actually great deals. but what we're going to do is make good deals, great deals for the country. that's my trade. free trarksd fair trade, whatever you want to call it, we're going to make great deals where businesses benefit and make money.
10:33 am
>> in terms of public policy, talking about improving, making terrific, great trade deal, as part of the public policy choice and direction that has to be taken, the second is it seems to me to recognize for this entire country all of the money that's sopped up in lobbying from k street goes on behalf of big banks, businesses. >> and hillary takes care of it. >> and preupon dreponderance ta small jobs louchl you going to make sure they prosper anding jobs are created. >> at this point no one controls me at all. mexico, i have great relationships with the mexican people. i have thousands of hispanics working for me. but i will tell you, mexico is
10:34 am
killing us at the border and killing us on trade. so many companies are moving to mexico and there's absolutely no consequence. what we're going to do, number one, the lobbyists don't control me. i've hired them. they're very good. they have the name of the senator or whoever it may be stamped on their forehead, boom, and they totally control it. what happens is it's good for the people of the company or the people that own the company and certain others but it's not good for the people of the country, and i understand the system, i think, probably better than anybody. i've always been on the other side. i understand the system. we're going to make it so our country finally benefits. we've been ripped off. i've said it from the beginning we lose on everything. >> free trade, nothing free about it.
10:35 am
a lot more of my interview with donald trump coming up. stay with us, we'll be right back. much more still ahead with donald trump, including how he plans to take on the islamic state and how he plans to radicalize terrorism. >> they're animals cutting off heads. we have to do something. >> and what kind of president will he be? coming up next. ♪ ♪ it's here, but it's going by fast. the opportunity of the year is back: the mercedes-benz summer event. get to your dealer today for incredible once-a-season offers, and start firing up those grilles.
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call this free government program for the option that's right for you. trump and i also talked about threat of radical islamic terrorism in the wake of the orlando shootings, and trump laid out exactly how his approach would differ from the obama administration. here we are. two issues. one, terrorism, radical islamic terrorism, a president who refuses to use the words. hillary clinton, it appears at least to me that you shamed her into using. >> i shamed her, absolutely. she was shamed into it. she still hasn't used it. she said she was going to but she hasn't. >> she said she has no problem, to put it in quotes. >> that's what she said. >> the reality is we still have
10:40 am
not impaired or destroyed the islamic state. we have a country that's been at war for 15 years. we've spent $2 trillion as you've pointed out time and time again. we're a nation that has to talk a new direction. give us a sense of where we're be headed under a president trump? >>, so i was against the war in iraq from the beginning. from the beginning. they said, oh, he made a statement. i was against the war in iraq from the beginning because it was going to destabilize the middle east and all of that. one of the worst decisions ever made by a country. you look at what's happening throughout the world now. it all started with that really dumb decision to go in. and obama made a horrible decision when he got out, by not leaving troops interest, et cetera. and then isis took over. and then iraq is taking over
10:41 am
iraq. with the oil, this is better than the iranian deal. we've got these absolute animals cutting off heads, steel cages going into the water and drowning people. this is an unbelievable situation. we have to knock the hell out of them. it's unbelievable. we have to go in. i didn't want to but we have to do something. ideally our so-called allies which are not really our allies because every time a bullet is fired, they run. we have to get rid of isis, we have no choice and the reason is because of the power of weaponry and the things they can do. we have to beat them over there before they come over herend atheir're coming here already. hillary wanted 500% more to come in as does obama. it's the ultimate trojan horse.
10:42 am
hillary wants them to come from from migration. they say syria. who knows where they're coming from. we have no idea who they are, so we have to be careful. >> final question. what kind of president -- will you be an aspirational president, the kind that young americans can look up to for inspiration, that citizens of all ages can look to for a sense of ow future as a nation? >> and security. th i would certainly want to be. that's one of my aspirations, and i think i will be. president obama, i didn't know if he would be a good president. i always doubted it. i thought he would be a great cheerleader for the country, and he's not. he's not. our theme is make america great
10:43 am
again, america first. that's what we want to do, make america great again. that's what we want to do. i want to make it great for everyone, not just certain people. it seems to be going very well, and i'll be out there working and watching you. >> appreciate it. >> thank you. >> donald trump. >> thank you very much. up next, hillary clinton doing her best to define trump as reckless and inexperienced. we can't let hem go on like one of those failed casinos. those promises you're hearing from him at the campaign rally, those are the same promises he made to his customers at trump university. fox's kimberly guilfoyle takes that up and reacts to my interview with donald trump when we come back. stay with us. you both have a
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joining us tonight, co-host of "the five," best searl of "making the case" kimberly guilfoyle. good to have you here, kimberly. >> good to be here, lou.
10:48 am
>> i thought that went well with donald trump. >> he knows you're a straight shooter, you have been fair, you're covering the news including his candidacy including his run in the primary season, so i think this is a very good sign, especially given a couple of shakeups, et cetera, and corey and whatnot. i think he still has, you know, affection for him for the loyalty and trust that he instills in him and it seems, you know, to be a two two-way street. now it's about the general election, shaking the money tree and getting some dollars and kicking some butt in the battleground states. >> as you say, the shakeup in the campaign turning to hillary clinton full time. i mean i got a kick out of some of these tweets if we can put these tweets up. >> let's have fun. >> as donald trump was watching her speech today. i love this. how can hillary run the economy when she can't even send e-mails
10:49 am
without putting entire nation at risk. >> oh, my god. it's just unbelievable. like low level hacker can just blast in and was able to get access. i'm not saying he was. but get in there. compromise a national security foreign policy. plus she admitted she can't do anything about the economy because she's going to have to phone a friend and call in her husband to make some dollars and sce cents. so, lou, what exactly are her qualifications and skill set to be president? >> with that question very much an open one as is the question, not even her supporters, her donors, her most avid aides seem to be able to answer what is her great accomplishment and achievement in public service. what is it? >> no, no. the only thing they're good at is pay for play, taking money from from saudis who sponsor
10:50 am
terrorism. they seem to like that. they're cozy with the people we should be fighting against. and in terms of the economy, there isn't anything you can point to that shows she has the capability to get us out of the mess we're in. more importantly, if you don't do something about isis who is gaining ground as we speak, we're in big trouble. she doesn't have a grasp of that as we know because she was a failure as secretary of state and caused american lives to be lost in benghazi and pushed the false video with susan rice and whatnot. >> and yet she is leading in the national polls. it is a dog fight in the battleground state certainly, but in the national polling, she has a five- or six-point lead. >> sure. there's a statistical margin of error and three or four-plus percentage points. that can turn around. what he's got do now is rally
10:51 am
the troops, raise money in battleground wins. places like florida, i think he's a very attractive candidate and bear hug it out with independents and get them on his side. >> want to close by complimenting reince priebus. he's done a great job of stepping up. up next, hillary clinton with a moddist advantage over donald trump. is that just cash? is that reason for concern? not if you're a billionaire, certainly. ed rollins and michael goodwin. they're not billionaires but they've got the dough. we'll be right back. tokyo-style ramen noodles.
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joining us now pac strategist and pulitzer prize-winning columnist for the post. thank you both for being here. >> thank you. >> let me start, michael, with you. your impressions of donald trump in that interview we just had, you reaction to what you saw and heard. >> well, look. i think the best point he makes is that hillary clinton has had the best run she's had in a while, basically securing the nomination, all the coverage,ed a u la torrey coverage everywhere about that and he's
10:56 am
had a rough time and still the polls are closed. i think that is an interesting post for him to make. that was true five weeks ago and he fell behind in this one. >> he's basically tied in ohio and pennsylvania. >> right. >> and if anybody thinks that florida number is accurate -- >> yeah. he should be doing very well in florida. >> talk to lar ry saab doe. >> he weathered a lot. that's a good sign. >> this is a good forum for him when he's one on one with someone he obviously respects. he comes off as much more serious, that's important, and there's no name calling. i think he has to get away from the name calling for a while. he can beat her on serious issues. he doesn't have to call her liar.
10:57 am
it worked in the primary but we're at a much more serious portion of the race at this time. >> it's interesting what he said. he thought it would be easier in the general election than the primaries. he was engaged a four-month battle, and it was tooth and nail, fists flying everywhere against 16 opponents. ed, i mean -- he says he recognizes clearly it's going be a tough race. >> if you haven't been through it -- and i've been through it eight or nine times -- it's a very close competitive country, and the democrats have gained immeasurably in the last couple of cycles and have an extraordinary campaign, which we used to dominate in the late '70s and '80s. they have everybody good. this is about power. this is about real power. when you're getting in there, don't think they're going to roll over and play dead or because you don't like somebody,
10:58 am
they're going to -- those people are dye in the wool. >> there's no one tougher than the clinton political machine th th. >> that's right. >> in a raid against donald trump. it's already brutal. and i see trump seemingly to me, he is angry with the national liberal media and understandably so. but they're such a reality, it's 2-1. >> that's right. >> you've got not only the democrats but the liberal media. and by the way, it's a tough er row to hoe now. >> they like hillary clinton, the national liberyeral media. they will go with hillary clinton. the skonch going to be a lot
10:59 am
more negative and less of it in volume. i think the money issue is the one is where i think he's really weak. he's at a real disadvantage. >> he was talk about raising $12 million or $13 million over the weekend with the republican party. >> he doesn't get that money back. that's what i was trying to see on the show here. he needs $100 million in his campaign, per se, just to pay his staff. >> no. i was saying the money he raced is for the republican party. >> right. it's important for the party but also he's way behind in front. that's a big challenge. if he kicks it into gear, he has a good month, gets a good convention, a dough sent nominee, and coming rolling out of that and picks up the five or six poin, he's got a good fall run ahead. >> he has some immense advantages in terms of his personality and the person he is. >> right. >> but he has one that is absolutely requisite to prevail. he doesn't have any backup in
11:00 am
him. >> right. no, no. >> he's going to withstand every issue. i've got to go, ed. i'm sorry. michael goodwin and ed [ dynamic music plays ]


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